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is a non-profit organization that raises money to support Grassroots Permaculture & Regenerative Agriculture projects throughout the world.

Your support of a tax-deductible donation makes a big difference to mitigate Climate Change, create local jobs, and offer food security.

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Covid-19 Emergency Response

Abundant Earth Foundation is offering small grants to permaculture based efforts to help communities respond to Covid-19 impacts. Here are some of the projects AEF has supported: 

OTEPIC Kenya in Kitale, Kenya

Funds were used to set up hand washing stations and educate about social distancing. OTEPIC provides grassroots education in ecological agriculture and community-based approaches for sustainable development. 

Check out the OTEPIC project:

Naranjal project in Izabal, Guatemala

Funds were shared with the nonprofit Contour Lines for emergency supplies to support the Naranjal project with emergency food and seeds. Contour Lines promotes regenerative farming methods and is increasing perennial term crops and teaching agroforestry in response to the uncertainty of food imports due to Covid-19. 

Check out the Contour Line organization:

It’s estimated in the Global South, more people will die from hunger and government violent policy enforcements than from Covid-19. Projects like OTEPIC and Contour Lines are on the frontlines of emergency response, hygiene regulations, and food sovereignty. 

Donations large and small add up to make a huge impact. Thanks for being part of a regenerative effort to help people in need.

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In partnership with the Permaculture Magazine, AEF is excited to announce the third year of the Youth in Permaculture Prize.

The Youth in Permaculture Prize celebrates worldwide projects that are transforming communities and regenerating habitats. The £10,000 Youth in Permaculture Prize is open to anyone aged under 25 years of age. We are delighted to have the main award at £5,000 with two runners up winning £2,500.

Go here for full details on the 2019 winners.

Go here for full details on the Youth in Permaculture Prize and how to apply.

Böcel, which signifies to pop in Kaqchikel, is an amaranth cereal that IMAP (Mesoamerican Permaculture Institute) produces by popping the amaranth seeds. ©Patrik Mucia of Mono Imagen Photography.

AEF says goodbye to Larry Korn; a dear friend, mentor,
and bright spirit in the world!

Larry Korn was a young man when he ventured across the Pacific Ocean from California to Japan for an adventure that would shape his life. It was here that he met Masanobu Fukuoka and learned to live and farm in tune with the Earth through Natural Farming. Larry translated into English Fukuoka’s groundbreaking book, The One-Straw Revolution and later Sowing Seeds in the Desert. For the rest of his life, Larry shared these and other great lessons he learned through a uniquely humorus way of teaching around the world.

Larry had just returned from teaching Natural Farming in Columbia when he passed on November 19, 2019. Please click here to read more about Larry and see the video of his Celebration of Life that was held on January 11, 2020 in Ashland, Oregon.

Despite all the many gifts and smiles Larry gave to the world, he left us way too soon! Larry, you will be missed, but your students and friends shall carry on your legacy.


Abundant Earth Foundation is a nonprofit organization that raises funds for grassroots projects that use sustainable agriculture to benefit both local and global communities. The projects focus on education, supporting youth, women-led projects, refugee camps, and strategies that create regenerative livelihoods in order to pay people to heal the planet’s ecosystems.

Donations to Abundant Earth Foundation also provide scholarships and sponsorships of permaculture and regenerative agriculture educational events.

“Permaculture gives us a toolkit for moving from a culture of fear and scarcity to one of love and abundance”

~ Toby Hemenway