We support grassroots projects meeting the evolving needs of communities related to climate change, social inequality, and malnutrition worldwide. Through our global networks, we connect directly with local leaders – helping them implement their initiatives through small grants, strategic connections, and logistical support. 

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Featured projects:

Agroforestry Regeneration Communities (ARC) is a collective of smallholder farmers, agroforestry experts, philanthropists, and strategists with a vision of planting food forests around the world to provide food security and climate change resilience. 

Regenerative agriculture revitalizes communities and landscapes. It is a holistic farming practice that promotes rehabilitation of ecosystems through the regeneration of soils, increased biodiversity, holistic animal grazing, and improved water and air quality, which collectively have a positive impact on climate change. Agroforestry is the practice of managing trees and food crops together, and is the “low hanging fruit of regenerative agriculture.” Its benefits include economic opportunities, food security, nutrition, and climate change resilience for vulnerable communities around the world. It can be done in urban and rural settings. We believe in a funding approach that encourages the projects we support to become economically sustainable and independent, rather than have continued dependence on philanthropy.

Our current projects are in Guatemala, the Caribbean Islands, and East Africa. To date, we have:

  • planted 4,344,207 trees
  • planted 8,954 food forests
  • trained 23,163 people (55% women)

Beyond Organic Design is committed to educating youth on regenerative agriculture and sustainable urbanism through immersive Permaculture Design Programs. Our new 9-month-long high school level curriculum is one of a kind. Crafted using an educational approach based on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics), this program ensures hands-on learning opportunities even in densely urbanized settings! Join us on this mission to equip our youth with the tools they need to design a greener future!

BOD’s values are deeply rooted in preparing the next generation to face the environmental challenges ahead with confidence, optimism, and clear steps they can take to create the future they dream of. By instilling in our youth the three Permaculture Ethics of “Earth Care, People Care, and Fair Share,” we teach them to create self-sufficient, resilient designs inspired by nature’s ecosystems. Our maxim is: We design to feed ALL! From the birds and the bees, to healthy soil and people.

For the last 10 years, BOD’s impact has been evident in the transformation of the over 6,165 young minds that have gone through our courses. With numerous returning students and others discovering their passions and career paths through our programs, we are confident in our curriculum’s ability to offer unforgettable learning experiences. BOD’s driving force is to see our students feel energized, hopeful, and eager to contribute to a greener future, particularly in light of the increasing phenomenon of Climate Anxiety currently affecting young people.

Towards Green Environment (TGE) is a group of 3 Kenyan environmentalists and over 20 volunteers in Nairobi, Kenya who are working to promote environmental conservation through awareness campaigns, training, and economic empowerment. They are on the front lines, witnessing the devastating impact that climate change is having today on their communities. Their current focus is helping the people of Osodo Village in Kenya survive and overcome the impact of unprecedented floods.

The work of mitigating the impacts of climate change is a collective endeavor. Many people in Kenya are not aware of the impact of climate change on their communities because most of the literature around the climate crisis has been done in the Western languages. 

Towards Green Environment believes that Kenyan people have the right to be informed about climate change so that they may have the chance to prepare, adapt, and overcome its impacts.

With the help of the Abundant Earth Foundation, Towards Green Environment has been able to continue to feed the children in the Osodo village, a community heavily impacted by the destructive floods. They have been able to provide pads and sanitary towels to some women of the community, and distributed 200 mosquito nets to help prevent families in the village from contracting malaria. 

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