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Tiny Gardens

Tiny Gardens - large Sack Vegetable Garden

Funding Goal


Through Tiny Gardens, we believe anybody can grow food anywhere with a bit of creativity and guidance. ​We offer free tools and resources to educate individuals, families, teachers, schools, and communities on how to grow food even with little space or experience. Resources are shared worldwide.


Donate to Refarmers

Funding Goal


Refarmers partners with dedicated community members to provide knowledge and resources in their local communities to establish individual “Grandma Kitchen Gardens” and community gardens in East Africa and Vancouver, Canada for food security, social justice, and climate mitigation.

Mothers of the Amazon

Funding Goal


Mothers of the Amazon will be providing 125 villages with water filters due to flooding. Floods are leading to a devastating sanitary crisis resulting in a rise in parasitic infections and mosquito-borne illnesses, such as Malaria leading to an increase in co-morbidity factors with COVID-19.


Blueprint Alliance

Permaculture Association

European Permaculture Network

Permaculture Magazine

Regenerating Paradise

Transition United States

Mandala Sanga

Earth Day Film Fest


Permanent Publications

Gaia University


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