Apply For Funding

Abundant Earth Foundation supports projects using permaculture, regenerative agriculture, and social entrepreneurialism to change the wellbeing of their communities and our planet. We provide the support and structure grassroots projects need to meet the ever-evolving needs in local communities of those most impacted by climate change, social inequality, and malnutrition worldwide.

Grants ranging from $50 to $2,500 are given based on three criteria.

1. Availability of funds or resources
2. Needs of the specific project
3. Alignment with the Abundant Earth Foundation mission

We also partner with established projects to apply for larger funding.  

Following are examples of projects: 

  1. Climate Change solutions based on regenerative farming practices
  2. Projects that directly empower women, youth, LBGTQ, and other communities that face discrimination 
  3. Entrepreneurial efforts based on permaculture or other related sustainable agriculture practices
  4. Educational courses, learning centers, media, or other means of spreading knowledge 
  5. Emergency support for farms that have been impacted by climate change and other natural disasters
  6. Tree planting and forest preservation, and agroforestry

We are not accepting new funding request applications at this time.

Please check back in September.

Before submitting the below form: Visit this website to view the SDGs.

We align our projects with the current SDGs to help our donors understand the overall impact of the projects they are supporting. Please review the site listed above and pick which SDG best aligns with this project. If your project aligns with several, select the top 3.

If you feel that your project would be a good fit for Abundant Earth Foundation, and you have looked at the SDGs, please submit the following form:

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