Where there is guilt, there is a chance for justice and healing​

Stella Nyambura Mbau, PhD, a native Kenyan, has studied climate resilience in the context of rural sub-Sahara Africa. She will be presenting the ideas in this article at COP27 climate conference in Egypt. At Abundant Earth Foundation, Stella is a project coordinator working on Agroforestry Regeneration Communities (ARC). Learn more about ARC at https://agroforestryrc.org.

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Hope for Rural Communities in Sub-Sahara

My name is Stella Nyambura Mbau (Ph.D.) from Nairobi, Kenya, and I work with the Abundant Earth Foundation as a project coordinator. Since I started this new role, I’ve met other beautifully driven people, which makes working with them a pleasure. I’ve confirmed the challenges that most rural communities in sub-Sahara suffer from. Still, through the support AEF offers these communities (based on community and regenerative agriculture), I have also gained insights and a sense of hope that these challenges can be addressed.

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Advancing Permaculture Philanthropy on The Permaculture Podcast

Along the way we talk about the resources that are available, the role that non-financial support plays in overall success, the kinds of projects Abundant Earth Foundation is looking to work with, the best way to contact the foundation, and much more. If you’re interested in developing an organization, finding like-minded projects and partners around your specific niche, the role which structures like a nonprofit can play in advancing permaculture, or ways to contribute to the movement, this is a conversation for you.

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Serenaded by Mother Nature

My journey towards sustainability began when I became aware of our connection with Nature. We are not separate from Nature, we are Nature, and everything in existence serves a purpose in the web of life. When I was little, this realization ignited the spark which grew into a wildfire of passion for working to help protect the land.

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