The Abundant Earth Foundation team is working with project leaders worldwide to create positive social, environmental, and economic impacts.

Hannah Eckberg

Hannah Eckberg



I have studied permaculture and other regenerative practices for much of my life. My passion to inspire others to do all they can on behalf of the planet has led to a career in environmental journalism and philanthropy.

Hannah co-founded the Permaculture Magazine North America and the Abundant Earth Foundation.

Kat Sitnikova

Development and OPerations

I’m passionate about nutritious food, community building, and holistic systems thinking. I’ve found their intersection here with the Abundant Earth Foundation.

Kat holds a degree in Environmental Studies from the University of California, Santa Barbara and a Permaculture Design Certificate from Santa Cruz Permaculture. 

Stella Nyambura Mbau

Stella Nyambura Mbau, PhD

Project Coordinator

I am most excited about nature when I read that we (humans) share the same DNA as plants and animals. It’s a new experience working at Abundant Earth Foundation, and I love learning. 

Stella is the founder of LOABOWA, helping climate resilience in rural sub-Sahara Africa by offering project management services to Regenerative Agroforestry projects. She is featured in a book by the award-winning journalist Anne Karpf, How women can save the planet.

Alexa Bernard

Alexa Bernard

Project Coordinator

It is only in the living world in which I am truly alive. I am enchanted by the smallest wonders and humbled by its vastness. I am thrilled to be part of this wonderful team creating our shared vision ripe with intellectual collaboration and passion. My commitment to the service of the living world is greatly reciprocated when I am foraging for wild foods and medicine. My favorite way to relax is being rejuvenated in the elements, the wind, and sun on my skin, plunging into a cool emerald swimming hole, the quality of golden light that can only be experienced at the sunrise in a forest or a sunset at the beach. This is my truth from my earliest memories.


Alexa is a social permaculture activist and founder of Bio Cultural Corridor.

By joining together, we can create a world where all thrive.

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