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Andrew Zionts Abrams

After years of working as a product designer in Rhode Island, Andrew began a journey in search of more depth and meaning in his life and work.  He became a yoga teacher, and opened one of the first yoga centers in Istanbul, Turkey. In 2007, while living in Kerala, India, he first heard the word “Permaculture” and discovered a pathway to re-incorporating design into his life.   Since then, he has moved to Andalucia, Spain, where he and his partner created “La Cuartilla”, a Permaculture Sanctuary for learning from and connecting to nature.

Andrew has developed a fascination with alternative economy, and has been experimenting with ethical and regenerative investments and philanthropy for many years.  Today, in addition to his work on the land and teaching yoga, he is pouring his passion into this important and under-explored area of permaculture by designing a platform to promote intentional giving and supporting of projects through the Abundant Earth Foundation.  

“By strengthening our web of relationships with our environment, community, and resources, Permaculture offers a framework for living in harmony and securing a future of abundant food, energy and shelter for all.”

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Hannah Apricot Eckberg

“I see permaculture as a system of solutions, a way to benefit the people and the planet of today, while creating a better future for all. By coming together to help grassroots permaculture efforts, the impact can be enormous.”

Hannah Apricot Eckberg became an environmental activist at a very young age, when the pristine California coastal ranch she was raised on fell victim to a deadly oil and gas pipeline. At the age of 19, she became president of America’s oldest grassroots environmental organization, Get Oil Out. Recognizing it was not enough to “just say no” to something, she worked hard to educate about the alternatives to oil and gas. This is when she discovered permaculture. As a means to connect people to the importance of a clean and socially just environment, she pursued environmental journalism.  In 2015, Hannah helped start Permaculture Magazine, North America, and in 2018, she became the co-founder of Abundant Earth Foundation.

Carols Muñoz Kampff

Carlos Muñoz Kampff

With a combination leap-frogging, open source software, compassionate social ecology, permaculture and indigenous homesteading techniques we can truly create a world in harmony with the biosphere.

A Web App Developer with a knack for seeing the forest for the trees, Carlos Munoz Kampff lives in Portland, Oregon at a sustainability education center called Tryon Life Community Farm. Besides his duties on the land learning about permaculture techniques and indigenous agricultural wisdom, Carlos creates web applications and business solutions for nonprofits, small businesses and start-ups. Having been an entrepreneur himself, he understands that ultimately any appropriate technology is there to connect people to resources and to tend lasting relationships. With the support of Abundant Earth Foundation, Carlos was able create the Weaver Network platform to allow permaculture enthusiasts and other earth-minded people to communicate and share stories and resources. 

Agnes Sobon

Agnes Sobon

Agnes studied architecture in Poland and Spain (thanks to Erasmus student exchange program) and worked as a graphic designer in marketing agencies. Her participation in European Voluntary Service (EVS) resulted in taking position of communication coordinator at Sunseed – a community-led off-grid project for transition towards sustainability in Andalucia, Spain where she is working right now. After hours she is a long distance cyclist, yogi, slack-liner, DJ on salsa parties and was part of a semi-pro dance company.

“Permaculture for me is the first step towards holistic healing of self, communities, economy and the Planet and this is the reason why I want to invest my energy in promoting this way of living.”