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We fund grassroots projects that meet the evolving needs of communities related to climate change, social inequality, and malnutrition. We have focused our energy on the positive impact of permaculture in East Africa, South America, and South Asia; women and youth initiatives; and in support of climate refugees.

Since 2018, our generous donors have supported more than 124 projects in 28 countries. 

We invite you to make 2023 a Year of Regeneration by making a donation to the Abundant Earth Foundation, to support  small projects that may not otherwise have access to funding. 

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Planting food forests around the world to provide food security and climate change resilience. 

Promoting artistic creativity, cultural preservation, and regenerative lifestyles through a global network of community-based multi-media recording studios.

Building a permanent school and sanctuary in Kenya to feed and educate children using regenerative practices, and provide sanctuary and menstrual products for women, in the wake of unprecedented floods.

Supporting orphaned and vulnerable children and providing education on regenerative farming to empower communities in Kenya.

Connecting people working to rehydrate the land, restore water cycle systems, and support the emergence of local Water Wisdom Councils. 

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Abundant Earth Foundation is a California based tax-exempt, non-profit organization, under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code. All charitable donations are deductible to the full extent allowed by law. 

(Note: Formally known as “Humboldt Plan It Green”)


Grassroots funding for environmental and social equity projects worldwide.

Restoring ecosystems for an Abundant Earth.

By donating to Abundant Earth Foundation, you support individuals and small projects that may not otherwise have access to funding.

Through our global networks, we are able to give directly to grantees–helping them to quickly implement their initiatives.

The Northern Youth Project bring young people together through art, community and lessons in growing food. ©Lupita Salazar