Abundant Earth Foundation supports grassroots projects around the world who are using permaculture, regenerative agriculture, and social entrepreneurial efforts to make a positive impact at local and global levels. Contributions large and small add up to significant solutions.

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Our Programs

There is power in numbers, and together we can make a huge difference.


Abundant Earth Foundation gives direct grants to individuals and projects all over the world. We offer Rapid Response grants ranging from $50 to $2,500. Apply for funding.


We support networking to strengthen the permaculture and other related movements through digital and in-person experiences. Learn more at WeaverNetwork.org


We help support permaculture events and educational opportunities by sponsoring events, convergences, and scholarships. Apply for sponsorship.


We develop proposals which can have real leverage for change by tapping into our collective intelligence in order to design solutions which address real needs.


We provide mentorship and support in a variety of forms of capital, including connections and mentorship. Apply for mentorship.

Our Strategy

We aim to promote viable models by focusing on real-world, replicable initiatives that can significantly impact the environment and society at large.


We support the education of aspiring permaculturists and world-changers, as well as the work of teachers who spread permaculture worldwide.  


We believe in openness, accuracy, and accountability, for building trust among donors and grantees.  


We aim to be as inclusive as possible and specifically assist sectors, groups, and individuals who are often excluded from the mainstream or have difficulty accessing resources and support.


We support permaculture and regenerative projects with high-impact potential that create enduring practices and policies in their local communities. To react to a changing world’s needs, we believe that being quick, responsive, and accessible is of utmost importance.


By working with existing non-profits and world-changers from diverse backgrounds Abundant Earth Foundation is efficient and effective on many levels within numerous communities.  


We invite everyone to be a part of Abundant Earth Foundation’s mission. By joining our efforts and resources, we will have an exponential impact throughout the world.  No contribution is too small. All forms of capital, social, or financial greatly assist the prosperity of others.


By sharing our resources, we can support grassroots permaculture and regenerative projects around the world.