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Repair The Planet Campaign
Together We Can Repair The Planet Campaign

Your donations support people who are strengthening local food systems, restoring nature’s abundance, and repairing the devastation of climate change, drought, food insecurity, and ecosystem collapse.

Together We Can Campaign

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Emergency Relief Fund

We invite you to help make this an even more effective year for those working on the frontlines creating change in the world!

Your regular monthly donation makes a big difference by helping us spread the solutions that will sustain life on the planet and allow everyone to thrive.

Project Updates

This fund is currently supporting the creation of an international environmental nutrition program for strengthening local food systems, creating recording studios and media labs for youth and indigenous populations to retain and share their stories and knowledge, and providing training and knowledge with youth and adults worldwide for local food security.

Here are examples of projects your donations will help support through supporting Abundant Earth Foundation.

  • – Starting a local seed bank
  • – Educational materials for orphans in Kenya
  • – Kitchen gardens in East Africa to feed a family
  • – Training people working in their community to grow food and create jobs
  • – Creating a recording studio and media lab in challenged communities.

Take action today to help regenerative agriculture teachers worldwide; build online training and communication platforms for ongoing learning and technical support, support the world of AEF to address systemic change, and help repair the planet’s ecosystems.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Creating healthy ecosystems for an Abundant Earth.

By donating to Abundant Earth Foundation, you support individuals and small projects that may not otherwise have access to funding.

Through our global networks, we are able to give directly to grantees – enabling them to quickly implement their initiatives.

The Northern Youth Project bring young people together through art, community and lessons in growing food. ©Lupita Salazar