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Regenerative Holistic Resource Center in Kenya

When it comes to saving lives and maintaining ecosystems, the Regenerative Holistic Resource Center (RHRC) takes a multi-faceted approach. Located in Kenya, this organization uses sustainable farming techniques to support vulnerable communities, enabling them to grow crops in an eco-friendly manner. To learn more about their programs and values, we only need to investigate their title:

REGENERATIVE – The RHRC firmly believes in the efficacy of regenerative permaculture and sustainable agricultural practices; this organization enables people from all walks of life to support their communities while protecting the environment. Through their tree-planting programs, students of all ages can learn about and actively participate in regenerative farming and reforestation.

HOLISTIC – Their holistic approach to agriculture recognizes the inherent connection between communities and their surroundings. By nurturing and restoring native plant life, the RHRC is reinforcing systems that naturally clean the air, purify the water, and enrich the soil. This wonderful non-profit is currently hosting workshops that focus on the benefits of Syntropic Agroforestry. This method of ecological conservation mimics the organic way in which forest plants collaborate, allowing farmers to create “food forests” that work in tandem with nature.

RESOURCE – As a resource center, the RHRC works with many vulnerable populations, including refugees, children, and the elderly. Their programs supply these communities with the education required to master regenerative agriculture. A team from the Kakuma refugee camp is currently participating in their workshops on Rusinga Island; by learning and adopting farming techniques from the RHRC, they can provide for their friends and relatives. In an ongoing effort to help disenfranchised individuals, this organization has also housed over 40 children.

When it comes to making the world a better place, every effort counts. A small donation goes a long way for grassroots organizations like the Regenerative Holistic Resource Center. Please consider showing your appreciation for their remarkable work by supporting this project.


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Author: Jay Campbell

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