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Youth in Permaculture Prize

To recognize and honor the extraordinary efforts of young people around the world who use permaculture to help regenerate the planet, we were proud to offer the first Youth in Permaculture Prize. We had applicants from 12 countries apply, ranging from age 8-25. The projects submitted were of high caliber, and offers great hope for our future. Winners will be announced later this summer. This project is in partnership with ​Permaculture magazine, International​.

Comments from our applicants:

“Every single individual has unique gifts to share, unique passions to follow, and unique weaknesses to strengthen.” – Hadi Shamieh

“Fundamentally, we dream of ushering in an age of flourishing unknown to humanity, even as we face modern challenges.” – Jason Smith

” I would like to say how much I appreciate what Abundant Earth Foundation is doing by awarding these prizes. Being a “youth,” it is very encouraging to know that someone is “watching” or appreciating what we are doing!” — Julian Jodoin-Eng


By sharing our resources we can support grassroots permaculture projects around the world