Project Phases

  • Germination

    Idea creation focusing on broad vision, and critical solution.

  • Young Plant

    Formulating structure, overall objectives, team players, and financial need.

  • Current Phase: Mature Plant

    Ready for investment, fully organized, and ready to begin work.

  • Flowering

    Work begins, stories are created, solutions are realized, data collection is in full swing, and adjustments are being made.

  • Producing Fruit

    Work expands to full potential and branches out to additional initiatives and solutions.

Weaver Hands with faces

Weaver Network

Resilience Through Connections is a directory of permaculturists, projects, and other networks working to regenerate the Earth.

Current Fundraising Goal Progress


The Weaver Network is an online place for people who care about the planet to share information, stories, best practices and connect with others based on geography or common interests. It is designed using permaculture principles and seeks to provide a method for permaculture practitioners and students to connect with each other and help support this growing movement around the world. This intentional networking platform is in its evolving development stages. We invite you to be one of the early adopters and be part of helping it become the most effective and efficient networking tool we can create. By weaving stronger bonds, we can all reach our highest calling and have fun while doing it.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


By sharing our resources, we can support grassroots permaculture and regenerative projects around the world.