The Response Film

In 2017, Shareable an award-winning nonprofit media outlet and action network, started working with a team of filmmakers, writers, audio engineers, partners, and funders to share a story on how communities in Puerto Rico responded to Hurricane Maria. Abundant Earth Foundation enthusiastically agreed to become a sponsor.

About the Film
The award-winning 30-minute micro-budget film, “The Response: How Puerto Ricans Are Restoring Power to the People,” explores the mutual aid centers that sprung up across Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria in 2017. It gives voice to those involved in these bold grassroots relief efforts by sharing their stories of the devastating storm, the recovery, and the movement for popular power that emerged in response.

Despite the grave nature of this storm, which many believe to be the worst disaster to hit the United States or its territories in the past 100 years, this story is also celebratory. For some, there’s is a deep joy that has accompanied the sadness; a feeling of solidarity and possibility that didn’t previously exist in the same way before the storm.

The film also acts as a reminder of how damaging climate-fueled disasters are and urges us to consider how resilient our communities are, how best to adapt for the changes ahead, and how to respond and rebuild in a just and equitable way with extra consideration for the most vulnerable populations.

Find out more about the Film and Upcoming Screenings here. 

Learn about The Response, a podcast about how communities respond to disaster, here

A Shareable Production
Producer and Narrator: Tom Llewellyn, Director and Cinematographer: Juan C. Davila, Story: Robert Raymond, Juan C. Davila, and Tom Llewellyn, Screenplay: Robert Raymond, Script editors: Tom Llewellyn, Ambika Kandasamy and Neal Gorenflo, Montage: Robert Raymond and Juan C. Davila, Music: Papel Machete, Vladi and Skew One, Pond 5, Sound design and engineering: Robert Raymond, Video editing: Juan C. Dávila, Consulting Producers: Neal Gorenflo, Asher Miller, Production Assistant (Humacao): Lemaris Lorenzo, Translation: Kate Riestenberg, Narration and Translation consultant: Ellie Llewellyn, Operations: Joslyn Beile, PR: Courtney Pankrat and Tom Llewellyn, Additional Film Clips: Maya Curry

Interviewees (in order of appearance)
Judith Rodriguez, Giovanni Roberto, Astrid Cruz Negrón, Ramonita Bonilla, José Bellafloras (Guri), Omar Reyes, Christine Nieves

Festival Selections and Awards

  • (Award of Excellence: Liberation / Social Justice) IndieFest 2020
  • (Bronze Medal – Best Short Doc) Independent Shorts Awards 2020
  • (Honorable Mention– Best TV Pilot) Independent Shorts Awards 2020
  • (Outstanding Excellence – Social Issues) Docs Without Borders 2020
  • (Award of Excellence – Narration Talent: Tom Llewellyn) Docs Without Borders 2020
  • (Award of Excellence – TV Pilot) – Best Shorts Competition 2020
  • (Finalist) Indie Short Fest 2020
  • Earth Day Film Festival 2020
  • Focus International Film Festival 2020
  • The Impact Doc Awards 2020
  • Lift Off – First-Time Filmmaker Sessions 2020
  • Southeast Regional Film Festival
  • BreakThroughs: The Tulane Public Health and Social Justice Film Festival 2020

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