Permayouth Ambassador Crew Debut New Song Entitled Water

The Permayouth in Kakuma Refugee Camp has shared this amazing new song with the world. It’s their own music and lyrics. Young director Sumaili Nyange has become a local permaculture teacher working with the wonderful Sakina Kiriba and is a member of the Permaculture Education Institute

This group is a member of the Global Permayouth who received the runner-up Youth in Permaculture prize from Permaculture Magazine and Abundant Earth Foundation.

This is the 4th song to be released by the Permayouth Ambassador Crew. They are permaculture design certificate graduates and are using music as a way to share permaculture throughout the camp to address hunger and poverty, particularly with other young people.

We would love it – if you can help us – to help them build their recording and film editing studio. We’ve started but need your help to support these amazing young people. They are creating a community benefit organisation to get their work out further, and they dream to teach other young people how to write music, record, sing, and edit.

Please share this song and donation link far and wide.

Your donations via Ethos Foundation – our registered charity – 100% will go to them straight away. You can even make it a monthly donation.


By sharing our resources, we can support grassroots permaculture and regenerative projects around the world.

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