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At Mothers of the Amazon, we support indigenous communities through restorative community projects that aim to improve population health, restore the health of the environment, and create cultural and environmental sustainability. 

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Mothers of the Amazon respond to the specific needs, challenges,  and diseases that local communities are facing by co-creating sustainable zero waste to low impact, low tech, and low-cost solutions that honor indigenous traditions.

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The Huni Kuin Federation, the general Cacique of the Shanenawa people and the Shawandawa people have requested Mothers of The Amazon to fundraise for their communities to provide immediate relief during this unprecedented health and sanitary crisis.

This fundraiser is organized by Mothers of The Amazon, whose main mission is to support indigenous health through restorative and regenerative community projects. Mothers of the Amazon is an initiative that operates under the EarthWays Foundation.

In addition to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has led to an unprecedented health crisis in the Amazon, many indigenous communities have been hit by devastating floods. These floods lead to a devastating sanitary crisis resulting in the loss of housing structures, crops, and access to clean water and a rise in parasitic infections and mosquito-borne illnesses, such as Malaria and Dengue, all leading to an increase in co-morbidity factors with COVID-19.

Over 400 Huni Kuin and Shanenawa families, in 25 Huni Kuin villages, 6 Shanenawa villages, and 8 Shawandawa villages located in Acre, have been affected heavily by the recent floods in Amazonian Brazil. These 39 villages have lost 64 housing structures and over 184 plantations, representing an important part of their annual food crops on which they depend for survival.

Mothers of the Amazon are requesting funds to provide 125 villages with water filters. Due to recent flooding, dysentery is one of the first causes of death in children. Many children and the elderly are already sick. Simultaneously we are raising $5000 for 39 villages that were affected by the floods. $3700 / BR20000 per village for immediate needs, including food, water, and gasoline for transportation (to reach the cities by boats to buy goods). $3700 / BR20000 was the amount determined by the communities for these immediate needs. The additional $1300 that we are funding will be used to purchase, ship, and distribute emergency medicines requested by the Huni Kuin Federation and the Shanenawa people to tackle this unprecedented health crisis.

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The Northern Youth Project bring young people together through art, community and lessons in growing food. ©Lupita Salazar