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Land Access Resources For Women

We all have a role to play in providing access to land for all community members, including women. We are compiling a list of people, organizations, and companies working to provide women with access to land. Please share everyone you know of with us!

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Melania Chiponda

Land defender in Zimbabwe with WoMin African Gender Extractives Alliance

“If you take away land from women in the rural areas, you take away their livelihoods; you take away the very thing that they identify with. We fight. Because we have nothing else to lose.”

Women's Access To Land Resources

We can not guarantee the following resources are trustworthy or still active. Please conduct your due diligence before supporting or contacting any resources listed. Also, please notify us if you find a broken link.

This quick guide gives a brief overview of the challenges regarding women’s access to land, outlines what needs to be done to increase women’s access to land and provides Sida with some entry points for supporting processes where women gain access to land.

Stand For Her Land

Global campaign “Stand For Her Land” aims to bridge gap between law and practice so that women can realize their equal rights to land.
Feed the Future works hand-in-hand with partner countries to develop their agriculture sectors and break the vicious cycle of poverty and hunger. We are helping people feed themselves and creating important opportunities for a new generation of young people, while building a more stable world.
Rights to land are a foundation for transforming poverty into thriving. The Landesa Center for Women’s Land Rights exists to help women thrive equally: we focus on women and girls because they experience poverty more harshly, especially when it comes to land.
Sheria Kiganjani is an innovative and online legal digital platform which enables an individual or a group of people to access legal information as well as materials despite their location.
The LLA’s mandate of the Authority is to develop policies on a continuous basis, undertake actions and implement programs in support of land governance, including land administration and management in Liberia.

The Feminist Space has as a MISSION to contribute to the empowerment of women, from the feminist perspective, through educational processes of political formation and intervention in public policies, aiming at the full participation of women in political life and the realization of their human rights.

COLANDEF is an NGO based in Ghana. We believe that land tenure security is crucial towards achieving better lives, and so we work with stakeholders at the policy level as well as smallholder land users to help them secure their land tenure.
The Land Portal Foundation believes that access to information is crucial for achieving good land governance and securing land rights for landless and vulnerable people. Improving access to land-related data and information is our mission.
LANDac, the Netherlands Land Academy, is a partnership between Dutch organisations and their Southern partners working on land governance for equitable and sustainable development.

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