“In my view, a philanthropist is anyone who gives anything – time, money, experience, skills or networks – in any amount, to create a better world.”

Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen

The word Philanthropy originates from Latin and Greek philanthropia, meaning: “kindliness, humanity, benevolence, love to mankind.” 

Abundant Earth Foundation practices what is called Regenerative Grassroots Philanthropy. This combining of resources creates a greater ability to help others. By donating to AEF, you support individuals and small projects that may not otherwise have access to funding. Through our global networks, we are able to give directly to grantees – enabling them to quickly implement their initiatives.

If you are a permaculture enthusiast, please consider making a monthly donation in any amount. Imagine, for the price of an evening out, you can make a real difference in the success of grassroots permaculture projects. It’s like taking the planet out for dinner, once a month.

The 3rd Ethic of Permaculture, Future Care, or Fair Share is about limiting consumption of resources, sharing surpluses with others,  or returning excess amounts back into the system. If one applies the principles of permaculture there should be an abundance of resources to share. If many apply the principles of Future Care, we can regenerate our planet and assure an abundant future for all.  


By sharing our resources we can support grassroots permaculture projects around the world.