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Dear Permaculture friends and colleagues,

Permaculture is going to be a significant part of the Global Earth Repair Conference.  We have a super-duper list of permaculture presenters and I wouldn’t be surprised if 100 of the 600 participants will be permaculture design course certificate holders.

I am dedicating our spiffiest housing as the Permaculture House.  It is actually called the Commander’s House and has 12 bedrooms in two wings.  Maybe I can insert a photo here.  Queen beds mostly and some kings.  Great for couples.  The rooms are big and for an extra $25 a night Fort Worden will provide inflatable mattresses.  Of course people can have their own pads on the floor. Some of you may positively need your own private room and that is okay, but f have someone to share a room with that will allow us to house more people for less expense.  The place is quite expensive so I am hoping some of you will contribute towards the cost.  I am committed to making this a great networking opportunity by having a bunch of us share a space rather than be dispersed.


Let me know if you are interested in being in the Permaculture House.

If there is more demand than there is space we can have a permaculture wing over in the Dormitory.  Smaller rooms with smaller beds but a better view.

Some of the permies are camping out. At least one is getting a B&B, Some have local friends to stay with. Some are local.

Permaculture Trade Show

We are going to have a section of the Trade Show for permaculture outreach. The Permaculture Institute of north America (PINA) will have Peter Bane, Melanie Mindlin, and Andrew Millison. Rhonda Baird will be there from the Permaculture Design magazine. Kateen Fitzgerald of the Dirt Rich School, etc.  Some of you are already signed up with the Trade Show.  If you want to have a presence there, and haven’t been in touch with Melissa Yaden, please do. northwesthealingtree@gmail.com Quarter table to half table space at this time.  I don’t know if we have room for any more full table spots.

PINA and Hannah Apricot Eckberg’s Abundant Earth Foundation are both $1,000 sponsors of the conference.

Let’s think about what permaculture can bring to the table on the theme of global earth repair.

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Rhonda Baird
Peter Bane
Javan Kerby
Michael Crofoot
Hannah Apricot Eckberg
Kateen Fitzgerald
Gloria Flora
Daniel Halsey
Jillian Hovey
Sego Jackson (staying offsite)
Brian Kerkvliet
Mark Lakeman
Penny Livingston
Mike Maki
Andrew Millison
Melanie Mindlin
Tao Orion and Abel Kloster , camping
Jerome Osentowski
Jenny Pell
Jessica Peterson, staying off site
Michael Pilarski
Pat Rasmussen
Jan Spencer
Rick Valley
Zachary Weiss
Paula Westmoreland

That is 26 permaculture presenters  coming that I know of. John D. Liu any many other attendees are big promoters of permaculture though I don’t know if they’ve all taken pdcs.

More later,


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