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Climate change is no longer a distant threat to humanity. There are devastating impacts that can be seen right now.

The village of Osodo, Kenya has been experiencing unprecedented and unpredictable floods for the past 5 years as a result of the climate crisis. Whereas before, people were able to predict flood patterns and use them to grow crops, now regular seasonal harvests are almost impossible. This is leading to widespread hunger, homelessness, broken economies, dangerous wildlife encroachment, and a lack of safety. The flooding has also resulted in a malaria epidemic, as stagnant waters have become breeding grounds for mosquitos which carry the disease.

Jack Mazingira, Kenyan environmentalist and co-founder of Towards Green Environment, was born and raised in Osodo Village, and he is now working closely with his community to help meet their needs. The community has a vision, one which involves the construction of infrastructure outside of the flood zone, including a school for all the children, a center and sanctuary for women, and a permaculture community garden which feeds the village and provides economic opportunities in the form of value-added products. However, this vision is only possible if their basic human needs are met.

The Abundant Earth Foundation and Towards Green Environment are on a mission to raise $6,500, which will provide:

  • mattresses, blankets, mosquito nets, and protective gear to 20 of the most vulnerable children

  • reusable menstrual products for 200 women in the community

  • the construction of a modern, above-ground Pit Latrine (toilet) for 350 people which will help keep human waste out of the flooded waters.

  • food and clean water for the whole community for one month

Every dollar counts!

  • For $10, you can provide one woman in the village with menstrual products for up to 5 years.

  • For $20, you can provide a mattress, sheets, blanket, and mosquito net for one child.

  • For $85, you can provide food and clean water for one family in Osodo Village for one month.

  • For $300, you can fund half the cost of this Pit Latrine, which will provide 350 people in the village with a safe place to use the restroom.

We kindly ask you to please donate to help meet the basic human needs of this community, so that they can work together toward the greater vision of creating a permaculture paradise for all.

About Towards Green Environment

This project will be managed by Jack Mazingira, co-founder of Towards Green Environment, who is currently working on his Master’s in Climate and Sustainability at Kenyatta University and has participated in a number of permaculture, agroforestry, and regenerative agriculture trainings, including the first training in East Africa sponsored by Agroforestry Regeneration Communities.

Towards Green Environment (TGE) is a youth-led non-profit organization operating in the Kibra constituency in the larger region of Nairobi County, Kenya. They work to promote environmental conservation through training, empowerment, and awareness campaigns about climate change.

TGE was founded in 2019 by Jack Mazingira and Kennedy Otira, who mobilized a group of youths that want to transform their society through environmental protection.

“It doesn’t matter what you are doing and how you do it, start small and grow as you go. Anything you do does make a difference in people’s lives. The impact is created by small acts done every day.” – Jack Mazingira.