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Donate to Kikuyu Town Arts Center

Your donation will help fund a community arts center in the town of Kikuyu on the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya.

Currently, Kikuyu does not have any kind of public spaces or community center where youth can create art or perform. Wahinya (left), the leader of this studio project, is working on building the Kikuyu Town Arts Center. Located in a residential community adjacent to the Ùndirì wetland ecosystem, this project will bring together artists, musicians, botanists, and cultural historians with the goal of creating, conserving, and curating the various artistic projects. For their first project, they will be recording indigenous music instruments and developing them into playable software instruments. The younger children and teenagers will be involved in the coding stage of the project where they will learn to code the software instruments. The older children are musicians and instrumentalists who will be recorded, sampled, and curate the instruments.

The image to the left shows studio leader, Wahinya, playing the Adeudeu, a harp instrument native to the Teso people of Western Kenya.

This project is a part of the SunRise Studios Collective.

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