Donate to the REAP Center
Donate to the REAP Center

Donate to the REAP Center

The REAP Center supports healthy soil and the movement transitioning tillage and monoculture land to permaculture practices. From community building to education, to science and technology measuring biodiversity in the soil and its ability to capture carbon. All the way to supporting policy and financial models that aid in this transition. By opening at least one REAP Center in every state or supporting other existing organizations, we can effect change at scale as regional hubs for training and distributing resources.

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Project Phase

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    Idea creation focusing on broad vision, and critical solution.

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    Young Growth

    Formulating structure, overall objectives, team players, and financial need.

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    Mature Growth

    Ready for investment, fully organized, and ready to begin work.

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    Work begins, stories are created, solutions are realized, data collection is in full swing, and adjustments are being made.

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    Producing Fruit

    Work expands to full potential and branches out to additional initiatives and solutions.

Project Updates

Our initial demonstration site is coming to life on 4 acres in Alameda, California. It consists of a community farm, a soil program, an edible community park, and an arts & science collective where we can incubate and accelerate emergent technologies and practices addressing soil challenges.

REAP aims to build resilience at a community level, enhance nutrition at a national level, and help sequester gigatons of carbon at a planetary level.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


By sharing our resources, we can support grassroots permaculture and regenerative projects around the world.