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Seaworthy Collective empowers a community of current and aspiring entrepreneurs to innovate for regenerative ocean impact. We have built a network of over 20 different mentors and collaborators, spanning diverse industries and communities in Miami, Florida.

We empower innovators and entrepreneurs with the knowledge, guidance, and resources to take on these global problems that need dedicated ocean science, conservation, and exploration. Daniel Kleinman leads this organization.

Donations will be processed through the nonprofit Abundant Earth Foundation. 501c-3 number 36-4631367.

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Donation Total: $250.00 One Time

Project Phase

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    Idea creation focusing on broad vision, and critical solution.

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    Young Growth

    Formulating structure, overall objectives, team players, and financial need.

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    Mature Growth

    Ready for investment, fully organized, and ready to begin work.

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    Work begins, stories are created, solutions are realized, data collection is in full swing, and adjustments are being made.

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    Producing Fruit

    Work expands to full potential and branches out to additional initiatives and solutions.

2021 Fundraising Goal: $250,000


Project Updates

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We empower Sea Change Makers driving innovation for 71% of the planet!

Seaworthy Collectives Opportunities for Sea Change

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  • Venture Studio: Co-Create the Future of Ocean Innovation
  • Pitch Competition: Growing Existing Ocean Startups
  • Partner Incubator & Accelerator Programs: Growing Impact, Together

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Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


By sharing our resources, we can support grassroots permaculture and regenerative projects around the world.