Join Refarmer MP on a journey through the story of Refarmers’ past, present, and a bit of future! This is the perfect intro to their work!

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Growing Food & Changing The World

ReFarmers uses regenerative food growing as a catalyst to create positive social and environmental change. They work with schools, organizations, and a network of local partners to create long-term regenerative agriculture solutions that empower people.

They have projects in East Africa and Vancouver, Canada where they partner with dedicated community members who want to share knowledge about how to create food security, social justice, and climate action through food growing.

Current Fundraising Goal:

 $2,000 to support a second group of 50 Grandmothers


Project Updates

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We launched our new Village Savings & Loans Association Initiative in Kitgum, Uganda to further empower our Grandmothers and single mothers from our Grandmothers Kitchen Garden Project. We started off the VSLA with $2000 that we raised with our holiday card fundraiser.

We offer microloans to 50 women which they repay with a very small interest rate that goes back into the fund. It’s a model that creates self-managed, self capitalized savings groups that use member’s savings to lend back out to each other. Thank you to our generous donors for making our first VSLA possible!

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Creating healthy ecosystems for an Abundant Earth.

By donating to Abundant Earth Foundation, you support individuals and small projects that may not otherwise have access to funding.

Through our global networks, we are able to give directly to grantees – enabling them to quickly implement their initiatives.

The Northern Youth Project bring young people together through art, community and lessons in growing food. ©Lupita Salazar