The Rebuilding Paradise show is a partnership between journalism and charity. Activists armed with cameras and the public’s donations record the story of recovery, which begins with you. Witnessing the number of affected people in the 2018 Camp Fire and the slowness of FEMA and charities, Allen Myers (former Paradise resident) and Minea Bisset, started taking right action to prevent people from slipping into permanent homeless and poverty. Short film episodes document the steps and stories of the victims, the donors, the helpers, and the doers. Viewers of Rebuilding Paradise will witness how a community can (and does) respond to disaster.

Give what you can now to see your donation directly impact families and individuals who, due to our country’s thinning middle class, have nothing after the fire. Our first priority is getting people housed in temporary villages that provide privacy, autonomy, and community while maintaining everyone’s dignity.

Journalism is about truth and objectivity. Similarly, charity is also about truth and objectivity. Our model of media-documented-advocacy and right-action can grow to serve more communities in need.

We are coordinating the efforts of many collaborators and organizations. Through donations like yours, we can move faster to catch individuals and families before they slip between the cracks. 

All donations are tax deductible.

Other ways you can help: Watch our episodes and share them (at If you can’t donate, at least spread the message so we can all be uplifted seeing the impact of collective good will.

Thank you,

Allen Myers and Minea Bisset