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Support of this project goes directly to supporting youth-led media projects that spotlight young activists interviewed by other young change-makers. Help empower the next generation to seek the truth and spread the solutions.

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Donation Total: $5.00 One Time

Project Phase

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    Idea creation focusing on broad vision, and critical solution.

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    Young Growth

    Formulating structure, overall objectives, team players, and financial need.

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    Mature Growth

    >Ready for investment, fully organized, and ready to begin work.

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    Work begins, stories are created, solutions are realized, data collection is in full swing, and adjustments are being made.

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    Producing Fruit

    Work expands to full potential and branches out to additional initiatives and solutions.

2021 Fundraising Goal: $1,000


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Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


By sharing our resources, we can support grassroots permaculture and regenerative projects around the world.