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Celebrating the Life of Bees

The role of these little workers in the world’s ecosystem is vital and we can play a positive role in their survival. Their population is still declining so please remember to plant some pollinator-friendly flowers and herbs.

The Bee Conservancy shares 10 ways to save the bees! Planting a garden, going chemical-free, become a citizen scientist, grow trees, create bee baths, build homes for native bees, create spaces for beehives, share knowledge with tomorrow’s bee stewards, host a fundraiser, and support local beekeepers and beekeeping organizations.

Here are 15 herbs you can grow in our garden to encourage bee and pollinator activity. Each herb is linked to a resource with more information about how to grow the herb, which pollinators they attract, and how to include these herbs in your diet or living space.

Wishing you a beautiful and happy World Bee Day from all of us with the Abundant Earth Foundation.


Photo by/ @uwe_nake

Article graphic created by Cevahir Ozruh.

By joining together, we can create a world where all thrive.

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