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Celebrating International Compost Awareness Week

Let’s Celebrate International Compost Awareness Week!

Did you know that food leftovers and garden waste together make up 30% of our waste? We can easily turn this common waste into compost. If we make compost at home on our balcony or in our garden, we will not add to mountains of trash. And as a result, we can protect the world from the toxic methane gas released in landfills.

Some Environmental Benefits of Composting

1- Soil Needs Compost Forever
2- Compost Filters Local Water Resources
3- Compost Controls Erosion
4- Food Waste Turns into a Valuable Resource
5- Composting Reduces Waste Landfills
6- Reduces Carbon Dioxide Emissions From Composting Trucks
7- Composting Reduces Chemical Use

What stuff to compost

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