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Announcing the 2020 Youth In Permaculture Prize Winners

Congratulations to this year’s three winners!

The Youth Prize has grown! In its third year, the Youth in Permaculture Prize, now £10,000, is open to anyone 25-years-old and under. The main award is £5,000 with two runners up each winning £2,500.

The Youth in Permaculture Prize is organized by Permaculture Magazine in partnership with Abundant Earth Foundation. As the challenges of today’s world grow increasingly more complex, it is more important than ever to support young people to grow into strong leaders in restoring the ecosystems and social systems of the world. Once again, amazing youth from around the world stepped up to showcase their powerful work. Thank you to all who entered.

The Grand Prize winner is Yar Dau Deng and the Vijana Twaweza Club (VTC). Set up by refugee youths, they work to combat extreme poverty and environmental degradation in Kakuma Refugee Camp and Kalobeyei Settlement in Kenya. Sustainability and permaculture are at the core of everything VTC do, whether it is teaching sustainable growing techniques, enabling and empowering young girls to receive an education or creating examples of indigenous food ecosystem restoration. VTC are transforming landscapes, lives and people’s futures through education and nutritious food, creating sustainable livelihoods and communities in an incredibly tough landscape.

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Ola Tom Lakere works with Refarmers and the Grandmother’s Kitchen Garden project in Uganda. The nutritious kitchen gardens bring food and sustainable livelihoods to the most vulnerable – the elderly, child mothers and child-headed families. The project has reached a wide audience through local media, and Ola is putting himself through a permaculture course to better understand food growing and nutrition. He is turning his home into a mini learning centre to pass on his permaculture knowledge to other young people, hoping these important tools will ripple into the wider community.

©OlaTomLakere Permaculture Magazine Youth in Permaculture Runner Up Prize Winner
©Permayouth Permaculture Magazine Youth in Permaculture Runner Up Prize Winner

Permayouth is a global initiative led by and for people around 11-16 years of age. It connects young people who are curious about positive solutions and passionate about the future of our planet. The monthly global festivals bring young people together from around the world, including Permayouth teams in refugee camps in Kenya and Uganda. The weekly Permayouth meet-ups online teach about permaculture, from gardening and natural dyes, to zero waste, ethics, and designing. These young people are stepping up to the challenge of climate change and learning how to use permaculture as the solutions to a better world.

An international panel of young judges chooses projects based on the impact they will have on the environment, providing food, offering solutions to economic or social problems, or other means of creating a better future. Permaculture Magazine is delighted to bring the Youth in Permaculture Prize in-house, which for the last two years has been hosted by Abundant Earth Foundation.

The work of Abundant Earth Foundation carries on throughout the year to support permaculture education around the world by pooling donations, grants and other sources of funding to disperse to grassroots projects that are creating systematic change at local and global levels. We see permaculture as a critical tool to solve poverty, hunger, and climate change.

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