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August 2021, Abundant Earth Foundation | Donate | Forward this Newsletter

Calling all Permaculturists, Regenerative Farmers, Agroforestry enthusiasts, and everyone else who cares about the future of this planet:

Welcome to Abundant Earth Foundation’s newsletter.

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Greetings from Abundant Earth Foundation. If you are reading this newsletter, then you are probably aware of the many ways that the global Permaculture Movement can offer solutions for climate resilience, disaster recovery, and create economic opportunities to raise people out of poverty. There are so many amazing projects worldwide where just a little bit of support can go a long way in creating both local and systemic change.  

Every week Abundant Earth Foundation is approached by people who need a little bit of support to grow and flourish and offer their gifts to help repair the planet. But as a small organization, we can only do so much. That is why we are launching our first-ever fundraising drive to invite people, like yourself, to contribute a monthly or one-time donation to help strengthen this movement and the system of solutions it has to offer. Together, we can make a big difference to create a world that works for all. 

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The recent IPCC report demonstrates the need for immediate solutions to be deployed locally to solve our global climate crisis. By supporting our frontline workers worldwide who are using permaculture and regenerative practices, you are part of the immediate solution and will help strengthen this growing global movement of solutions. Make your tax-deductible donation today!

By donating to Abundant Earth Foundation, you support individuals and small projects that may not otherwise have access to funding.
Through our global networks, we are able to give directly to grantees – enabling them to quickly implement their initiatives.

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Our Recent Activity

AEF was proud to continue our support of the Soil Not Oil Conference this year by sponsoring a panel of experts from projects we support around the world focused on “Growing Community Food Forests.”  From urban food forests of Canada to community-led efforts in Uganda to the survival of tribes in the Amazon,  the panel dug deep into the impact of food forests on any community. Abundant Earth’s co-founder, Hannah Apricot, hosted the discussion, and our nutrition expert, Michele Gilman, compared the health benefits of regeneratively grown food vs. conventional farming. Watch the recording of the video here

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Announcing the winner of our 2021 Tiny Garden Contest, in partnership with Refarmers!

Danyelle’s winning entry was selected at random from among all of the valid entries on facebook and instagram. Here’s some of what she had to say:

“Caring for your own tiny garden provides the perfect opportunity for people to be in intimate contact with their ecosystem, I started learning about the importance of our pollinators, the interconnections of our food systems, and the repercussions of our daily choices. Food is everything!”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. For Danyelle’s full statement, as well as her winning video entry (complete with maniacal laughter), head on over to the site.

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AEF Co-Founder Spreads The Word

Scott Mann recently interviewed our Co-Founder (and Development Director) for the latest edition of his Permaculture Podcast. They discuss how the third principle of permaculture calls us to envision a more holistic conception of philanthropy and how Abundant Earth has gone about answering that call in ways that are accessible, vision-aligned, and calibrated for maximum impact.

Hannah illustrates AEF’s penchant for building alliances and the delicate dance between small slow solutions and the extreme urgency of the current moment. The importance of our knack as permies for doing more with less makes our projects great force multipliers and talks about some of the projects we are helping grow. Listen to the interview here. 

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Meet The Team: Nikki

Starting with this issue, we’ll be introducing the team behind Abundant Earth Foundation. First out the gate is our fearless Program Specialist, Nikki Orozco, with some reflections on what led her to active participation in regenerative agriculture, what it’s been like walking the walk, and how that passion for a verdant future for her daughter finds expression in her work with AEF as well. 

Read her article here. 

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Abundant Earth Foundation

Abundant Earth Foundation (AEF) is a nonprofit organization (registered in the USA as a 501c-3) with the mission to unite our resources, skills, and passions in order to support grassroots and large-scale projects that are healing the planet. Together, we can create a system of positive change with powerful ripple effects.

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Help us make 2021 a year of collaborative restoration
for people and the planet!

–  With gratitude from the team at Abundant Earth Foundation. 

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