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Are students ready to inherit the earth? 

Our mission for over 15 years has been to prepare them. Now, it’s time to scale up and bring to life our most ambitious program, but we need your support!

The Eco-Designers Program is the first of its kind to be taught in High Schools. A completely customizable STEM-based program that focuses on solutions

Our Eco-Designer Method’s primary tool is permaculture design, a way of designing based on the observation of nature’s patterns. This interdisciplinary, project-based approach illuminates nature-inspired solutions that can prepare our students for an uncertain future.

Along with professional development and coaching for teachers, Eco-designers consists of 3 years of programming that can be purchased in individual years or semesters, allowing schools to tailor it to their unique needs and scheduling constraints:

  • Introduction to Climate Crisis & Design

  • Permaculture Fundamentals 1 & 2

  • Certificate in Permaculture Design

Created by Monica Ibacache, Founder and President of Beyond Organic Design, our program offers schools the tools and resources they need to incorporate whole-systems thinking into their classrooms. This is a low-stakes, high-impact way to explore cutting-edge educational change.


Climate emergency demands ACTION. Will you invest alongside us in the education of our future leaders? 

Your support makes possible the development, implementation and outreach of this important program for students and educators. It is an ambitious project that will require thousands of unpaid, but dedicated hours from our staff. 


Join Us in Cultivating Change!


By supporting this program, you will help equip educators with the tools they need to inspire the next generation of eco-literate leaders. 


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Beyond Organic Design: Seed capital goal = $25,000

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Beyond Organic Design roots itself in commitment to Climate Justice.  Every dollar donated is a direct investment into the development of educational resources.

The Abundant Earth Foundation and Beyond Organic Design are on a mission to raise $25,000.

This seed money will help complete the curriculum design and prepare the project to be implemented in schools this fall.   Please join us in investing in today’s youth to grow a more resilient future for all.

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